10 Funny Gifs For When You Know You’re No Longer a Rookie REALTOR

This article is dedicated to all of the hard working REALTORS out there who work tirelessly for your clients. Cheers!

Point 1You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when you're on your phone so much that your hand stays in the shape of your phone, even when you’re sleeping.
laughing emoji

Realtors Kids Be Like


Point 2You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when even Isaac Newton couldn't figure out your tax returns. Between your LLC’s / S-Corps, self-employment structures, referral agreements, personal / business expenses and whatever else you’ve packed in there, chances are high that your tax returns look like a cryptic message from Mars!
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Realtors Accountants Be Like


This one is from Nathan Garrett at Garretts Realty Group Nathan Garrett

Point 3You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when you stop to answer a quick email before running into a store and an hour later you're still in the parking lot on your phone.
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Realtor Opening Inbox to 2317 New Emails


Point 4You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when you’re not surprised by the crazy things that happen to your Sellers just before they have a showing.
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Something Always Seems To Go Wrong Right Before A Showing


This one is from Ryan Fitzgerald at Raleigh RealtyRyan Fitgerald

Point 5You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when you decide to turn down that new lead who wants to see a few million dollar homes this Sunday afternoon…. and they’re currently unemployed with no POF or pre-approval. But they do have a new business idea that is going to make them rich in 6 months...
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Can You Show Me 20 Homes on Sunday?


Point 6You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when your vehicle’s GPS History looks similar to a UPS Drivers. Also, the passenger seat of your car after a day of showings looks like an episode of Hoarders gone wrong.
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How I Feel When I'm Late For A Showing


This one is from Jeff Knox at Knox & Associates Ryan Fitgerald

Point 7You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when it drives you insane that the REALTOR on the other side of the deal is asking you for advice and seemingly cannot fill out any documents on their own.
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Realtors At Extra Long Closings Be Like


Point 8You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when you look forward to the Holidays because it’s the ONLY time of the year that you can turn off your phone.
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Realtors Love The Holidays Because Its The Only Time That Their Phone Stops Ringing


Point 9You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when you fear almost every phone call might be that over-caffeinated salesperson from Zillow who's been stalking you for years.
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How Realtors Feel When They Get Unsolicited Sales Calls


Point 10You know you’re no longer a Rookie REALTOR when on vacation you have to slip away every hour like a drug addict to "take care of business".
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One Way A Realtor Can Always Make Their Phone Ring Is To Take A Vacation


Hope This Article Made You Smile!!!

10 Funny Gifs for Realtors

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