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Realtor Rhonda BlainHi Everyone! I have been in the business for over 20 years now and it never fails to excite me and stir up that passion I have for homes, architecture, acres and acres of land and all things that fit under the “umbrella” of real estate. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I have never been the “pushy salesperson” type but I am passionate about real estate and passionate about the rehabilitation of real estate properties. The clients I have become my “Chosen Family” for the period of time that I work with them and they always get my best advice and opinions so that they can make their decisions accordingly. If I wouldn’t advise my daughter to buy a property, I won’t advise you to buy it. I know that if you buy the best investment you are able to purchase, given your parameters for the transaction, it will be a win-win for both of us and create a lasting relationship that will serve us both well in the years to come. And, if I can advise you and market, for the sale of your home, in a way that nets you the best return on your investment, we both come out on top! That is my goal in every transaction.

I am so happy that I live here with the gorgeous nature that we have all around us and with the incentives we have to live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy hiking and exploring all the history and the unique places that Colorado has to offer and I love to travel to other places which usually gives me an even stronger love for Colorado when I return here. This area is the best!

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Here Are Some Reviews From Rhonda's Past Clients

I am a Colorado native and, after more than 30+ years away from home, have returned. Having had a father that instilled in his children a love and appreciation for nature, we spent our free time riding trail horses, scrambling up the trails and rocks of the Garden of the Gods, and chasing watermelons as they bobbed down mountain creeks. I have always dreamed of owning my own mountain home. A place where memories are made.
After returning home, every free moment was spent driving the winding roads of beautiful Teller County in search of my new home. One day I decided to just let my heart do the navigating. Having a fabulous time on my outing, I turned down a little road and stopped in front of a house that I knew was "the one" even before I got out of my car. At the top of the driveway was a small For Sale sign. I removed a flier and stood at the front
end of my car for about an hour just looking at it.
When I got back home, I began calling about that property. I called, and called and called.....a toll-free number in Texas. My calling, without a response, continued for more than six months. All the while, I continued to make trips to "my home". I even had a little picnic on the deck after I was certain the property was vacant.
One day, I noticed a local number on the flier. I immediately called the number. I was advised by the Broker that the property had been in the contract but the sale did not go forward and that, in fact, it might not be re-listed at all since it was a HUD property with backup offers. I asked if I might view it anyway...I was referred to Rhonda.
Rhonda met me the very next SEVEN O 'CLOCK in the morning- the time I requested. I explained to her that the property was, in my heart and mind, already " my home." Rhonda set the wheels in motion to help me realize my dream.
Rhonda had everything in place before the property went "live" to make sure my bid packet was complete. After placing the winning bid, she sat with me during inspections. She expertly guided me through the mortgage process. She arranged for me to have my Closing in Denver so that I would not be late to work. After the Closing, she drove from Denver to my new
home and installed new locks for me.
It has been more than two years since Rhonda helped me purchase my little place in the mountains. I could not have done it without her assistance.

Thank you, Rhonda, for helping me purchase my home - a place where new memories will be made.

Anyone can sell you a house: Trust Rhonda Blain to find you a home.

-C. Harrell

Had a great experience with Rhonda Blain, she was full of experience and knowledgeable in her job field, very friendly and sweet. It was easy to get ahold of her when we needed to. I would strongly recommend her.

-Woodland Park Home Buyer

Where do we begin... Rhonda was one of the people on our team that truly made our dream come to reality. She worked long hours ensuring every detail was taken care of and most importantly took the extra mile for us which many people may not have done for just a "client". She truly is more than our realtor she is our friend. If you're looking for an experienced, honest and detail oriented realtor Rhonda is the one.

- Tyneika Williams