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At Great Colorado Homes, we are passionate about assisting homeowners in maximizing their property's value. Our approach combines professional staging, sophisticated digital marketing, and effective online listing strategies designed to deliver tangible results. We aim to captivate potential buyers, ensuring they fall in love with your home before they enter the door.

We are committed to not only meeting but exceeding your home-selling expectations. Let us guide you through the journey of selling your home, ensuring a seamless, profitable, and satisfying experience.

Here's How We Do It


Every home possesses qualities that go beyond what photos can capture. These unique features often resonate deeply with buyers browsing online. Utilizing video as a marketing tool is the most effective way to communicate the uniqueness of your home. It allows potential buyers to experience the character of your property, setting it apart in their search.

Embracing video marketing ensures that the special aspects of your home are showcased in an engaging manner, appealing to the online homebuyer.

A well-crafted listing video is an essential tool in modern real estate marketing, offering potential buyers a dynamic and detailed perspective of your home. Whether it's highlighting breathtaking views, showcasing the charm of your neighborhood, or demonstrating the functionality of features like soft-close kitchen drawers or extra-wide basement staircases, videos bring these elements to life.

Our video marketing approach emphasizes your property's unique value. Through high-quality videography, we ensure that prospective buyers gain a thorough understanding of what makes your home special. Incorporating video into your online listing is a strategic move to attract serious buyers and achieve top dollar for your property. Let us help you present your home in its best light, capturing every detail that makes it a desirable and valuable investment.


A 3D tour is invaluable for engaging home buyers, inviting them to spend more time exploring your home virtually. This innovative tool offers the convenience of revisiting and experiencing your property at any time, from anywhere. We make the buying process more accessible and appealing.

We've chosen to utilize Realvision, a state-of-the-art HDR system renowned for its superior quality and user-friendly interface. As one of the few companies in Colorado employing this advanced technology, we ensure that our HDR 3D tours stand out, offering an immersive and seamless viewing experience. With Realvision, we aim to deliver results surpassing any other 3D technology currently available.

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We understand the importance of providing clear and detailed information to potential buyers, especially those purchasing from out-of-state. We utilize advanced technology to create comprehensive PDF floor plans to facilitate this. These plans offer an easy-to-understand layout of your home, ensuring that buyers can fully grasp its design and flow, no matter where they are.

We believe this approach represents the future of online home shopping, offering home buyers an added layer of convenience and clarity. We are proud to provide this service with every property we list, setting us apart as one of the few Colorado Springs brokerages offering an HDR 3D tour for every listing. Our commitment to innovative technology and exceptional service is designed to enhance your home-selling experience and attract a wider pool of potential buyers.


At Great Colorado Homes, we've meticulously crafted systems and processes to simplify and streamline your home-selling experience. Our team is committed to staying ahead in every aspect, ensuring that your home sale proceeds smoothly and without any stress for you.

We believe in transparent communication, especially when explaining contract details. Keeping dates and deadlines on track is our priority so your journey toward selling your home is as seamless as possible. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our 5-star rated customer service.

We're not just here to meet your expectations but to exceed them, and we look forward to earning your positive feedback through our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Let us guide you with expertise and care every step of the way.

Our clients benefit from a range of unique services expertly designed to enhance their real estate experience:

Comprehensive Home Cleaning Service: Ensuring your home is immaculate and ready for showings.

Expert Home Staging: Professional staging to highlight your home's best features and appeal.

High-Quality HDR Photography: Capturing your property in stunning detail with professional HDR photography.

Strategic Online Marketing: Targeted online advertising to reach potential buyers effectively.

Dedicated Transaction Coordination: A specialized coordinator to manage every aspect of your transaction for a smooth process.

Innovative 3D Home Tours: Advanced 3D tour providing an immersive view of your property.

Tech-Savvy Realtor Team: Our agents leverage the latest technology for efficient and effective service.

Negotiation Strategy Counseling: Expert advice to develop effective negotiation strategies for your sale.

Broad Listing Exposure: Featuring your property on major platforms like Zillow, Trulia, MLS, and more.

Secure Electronic Lockbox: Ensuring safe and controlled access to your property.

Detailed PDF Floorplan Creation: A fully generated floorplan to enhance buyers' understanding of your home's layout.

Availability 7 Days a Week: Our team is on hand to support you every day of the week.

Professional Showing Service: Coordinating and managing property showings with expertise.

Custom Web Page for Your Property: A unique webpage dedicated to showcasing your home.

5-Star Rated Real Estate Services: Recognized for our excellence in real estate with top-tier client ratings.

Our commitment to these services underscores our dedication to providing every client a superior and comprehensive real estate experience.

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