Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Statistics

Here's the latest news, updates, and information on Colorado Springs real estate market. We update this page every month and keep a running archive of ever month in El Paso County. If you ever have questions about our local real estate market, please let us know. We specialize in understanding the data and breaking it down for you.

How's our local real estate market doing?

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April 2020 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

  • New Listings: 1,458 (Down -24.2% from last year)
  • Sold Listings: 1,219 (Down -7.7% from last year)
  • Total Active Listings: 1,589 (Up +1.1% from last year)
  • Median Sales Price: $360,600 (Up +9.8% from last year)
  • List To Sold Price Ratio: 101.5% (Up +1.4% from last year)
  • Days on the Market: 20 Days (Up -37.5% from last year)

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