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22 Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado Springs


22 things to know before moving to colorado springs

If you're considering moving to Colorado Springs, this article will give you insight into the pros and cons of the area. Colorado Springs has a unique personality, unlike any other city in the country.

I own a real estate brokerage in Colorado Spri…

How To Start A Real Estate Blog That Generates Business


How to start a real estate blog

I started my primary real estate blog in 2012, but I have been dabbling with blogging since 2008. At the time, blogging was the most popular way to get attention online. Since then, social media, YouTube, and AI have taken attention away from blogg…

How to Write A Real Estate Listing Description Using AI


How To Write Great Real Estate Property Descriptions Using AI

Using AI to generate compelling real estate property listing descriptions can yield professional results while saving you time and energy. Here's a quick step-by-step video to show you the best way to write a captivating listing advertisement using …