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10-Steps Once Your Offer is Accepted & Under Contract

10 Thing To Do Once Your Offer Has Been Accepted

Wondering what to do once you have an offer accepted? Getting through buying or selling a home without making a mistake or losing your mind is tricky. Completing your loan pre-approval, finding the right place, and structuring a competitive offer r…

The Ultimate Home Seller Checklist | 96 Things To Do

The Ultimate Home Sellers Checklist

The ultimate home seller checklist and guide will help you through the home selling process. Selling a home can seem like an overwhelming task. Using this itemized checklist will keep you on track and help you tackle one room at a time, simplifying…

What Does A Realtor Do? | Buyer & Seller Agent Roles Defined

What Does a Realtor Do For a Buyer and a Seller?

A Realtor is an independent contractor who helps people buy and sell real estate. Much of what they do happens behind the scenes. They are continually working all hours of the day.

A good Realtor will make a real estate transaction flow smoothly, …

7 Popular Tax Deductions When Selling Your Home | [2021 Guide]

7 Important Tax Deductions When Selling Your Home

Tax Deduction Tips for Home Sellers

Home selling tax deductions are valuable. The average homeowner has more money in their home's equity than they do in their bank account. There's plenty of money to be made from selling a home in 2021. There's even…

How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description [Example Ads]

How To Write Great Real Estate Ads and Property Descriptions

If you're preparing to sell or rent a home, your success begins with the real estate listing description and ad copy you create. When a potential buyer is scrolling through listings, you want them to stop and read your ad — and then schedule a…

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