What Does A Realtor Do? | 290 Real Estate Agent Duties

What Does a Realtor Do? 290 Real Estate Agent Duties

Realtors help people buy and sell real estate, but much of what they do happens behind the scenes. They are continually working all hours of the day. A good Realtor will make a real estate transaction flow smoothly, leaving the impression that their job is relatively simple. The fact is - that couldn't be further from the truth.

This article will put the real estate agent role into perspective. It's a brutal job that does not get the recognition that it deserves. Most people don't understand how complicated and expensive it is.

Being a Real Estate Agent is Exhausting!

Being A Realtor is ExhaustingAs you read through some of the tasks on the 290 agent duties listed in the infographic above, it may seem overwhelming. That's because it is. Full-time Realtors who excel in their careers are high-energy, time-efficient professionals who know how to handle stress and responsibility well.

There are Realtors out there who cut corners and do not take care of their responsibilities, but they should not define our industry. They are the exception, not the rule. The real estate industry has very impressive professionals with whom I am proud to work alongside.

Real estate agents are continually absorbing the stress and chaos of the real estate transaction so that their clients don't feel the pressure. It's one of the main reasons why 87% of Realtors do not make it past their first year in the business. The workload is much more intense than most people are capable of handling.

Being a Realtor is Expensive!

Being a Realtor is ExpensiveOn top of the extensive list of responsibilities that REALTORS® carry, they also have many expenses. When people see a REALTORS® commission check, they may feel like agents are getting rich quickly. In reality, the average REALTOR® earns around $46,000, after expenses and taxes. Income is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the real estate agent role.

The typical Realtor stereotype is of someone driving a high-end luxury car, playing on their yacht on the weekends, and occasionally showing up to work to close a big deal and collect a giant paycheck. After being licensed for nine years, I've still yet to meet this elusive agent. I think they're a myth.

Much of the money from a real estate agent's commission check goes directly into their business and maintaining their licensing. Less than half of it usually goes into their bank account. Here is a list of typical Realtor fees:

Some Common Realtor Expenses:

  • Broker Fees
  • MLS Fees
  • NAR Fees
  • E&O Business Insurance
  • Extended Auto Insurance
  • Self-Employment Tax
  • State Licensing Fees
  • Advertising Fees
  • Showing Service Fees
  • Website Fees
  • Assistant's Salaries
  • Yard Signs
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Office Supplies
  • Business Cards
  • Property Flyers
  • Electronic Lockboxes
  • Continued RE Education

Being a Realtor Can Drive You Crazy!

Working in Real Estate Can Drive You CrazyMany people try to start a career in real estate under the assumption that there is easy money to be made here. In reality, it is a brutal business with loads of competition. The paychecks are not large enough to keep people in the industry, a fact that is reflected in the 13% success rate for new Realtors. Those who do survive usually do so because they have a passion for the business. They enjoy helping people make their real estate dreams a reality. It's a great business to be in, but it's NOT EASY!

So, the next time you work with a Realtor, remember that they are human just like you. They carry a lot of burden and responsibility in their job. Agents work long hours for months on end with no guarantee of a paycheck. When you understand these things about real estate agents and let them know that you get it, you can be sure it will put a smile on their face. 🙂

Why Do People Think REALTORS® Have An Easy Job?

If you've never spent much one-on-one time with a real estate agent, you may not understand how different their job is from the average job. Anyone who has lived with a Realtor knows this to be true. They work crazy hours, deal with high-stress situations, never know when they will get paid, and have to survive in an over-saturated industry.

In Colorado Springs today, we currently have 4,799 real estate agents registered in our local MLS. Last month, we only sold 1,320 homes for the whole area. There are two sides for each transaction, so that means there were potentially 2,640 total sides closed last month. If every agent were given one transaction last month, there would still be 2,159 agents who did not have a sale for the month.

In 2014, the National Association of Realtors stated that 87% of new agents do not make it past their first year. This statistic is staggering, but when you consider the cost of being a real estate agent mixed with the competitive environment and the amount of stress that comes from the job, it's not that surprising.

It's a fun job with many moving parts, but it's very competitive and challenging. It's not for everyone, but for those who are successful at being a Realtor, our hats off to you. You're an impressive group of people!

What Does a Realtor Do? Listing Versus Buyers Agent

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(This post had been updated from our old post back in 2015. You can view our past post on The Lighter Side of Real Estate's page here.)

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