Things To Do in Colorado Springs: Hike the Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail

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Photo Tour of Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail


Looking for things to do in the Colorado Springs area? Try hiking the Spruce Mountain Trail in Larkspur, CO. The Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail is a captivating experience which offers breathtaking views, ever changing terrain, and a solid hiking experience that will captivate anyone interested in Colorado's beautiful landscapes.

What To Expect

The main hiking loop around the top of Spruce Mountain is about 2.5 miles. The hike up to the mountain top and back down is roughly 2.5 miles round trip. On average, hikers can expect to travel around 5 to 6 miles total on the Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail. The terrain is family-friendly. My family has hiked this trail, even my 3-year-old can walk for about 1/2 of it. I did end up carrying her on my back for the last few miles, which is no problem for me. My 10 and 12-year-old daughters have no problem with the hike and they really enjoy the inviting scenery and remarkable views. The Me with my daughter at Spruce Mountain

The Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail is an easy climb, making it great for families and pleasant hiking. The trail is also good for jogging and mountain biking, for those seeking a more advanced exercise. The views from the top of Spruce Mountain are breathtaking. From the Southside of the mountain, you can easily see Palmer Lake, Monument, Mount Herman, Pike's Peak, and Cheyenne Mountain. The rolling hills leading straight to Palmer Lake are reminiscent of the New Zealand countryside. The Southside of Spruce Mountain tends to be a little windier than the Northside. There is even a lookout on the Southside of the mountain called Windy Point, which is right around 7,600 feet in elevation. It is noticeably more windy at this point and offers some of the greatest views on Spruce Mountain. The Southside is less shaded than the Northside and the sun can be unrelenting during the hotter summer days. Take plenty of water for your hike!

The Northside of the mountain offers a little more shade than the Southside. About 40% of the hike throughout Spruce Mountain is shaded by trees and vegetation. The views from the Southside are equally as spectacular as the Northside and offer unobstructed views for many miles looking out over Larkspur, Perry Park, and all the way on to Castle Rock. The rolling hills and beautiful countryside beckon you to pause long enough to rest on one of the log benches sprinkled along the trail. Be sure to take a moment to enjoy the view from the top of Spruce Mountain. On a clear day, you can view the mountain range all the way across to the Denver area.

Location of Spruce Mountain

13415 Spruce Mountain Road, Larkspur, CO 80118

The trail is located about 30 minutes North of Colorado Springs in the secluded, beautiful town of Larkspur, Colorado. The two parking areas are located right off of Spruce Mountain Road. There is usually plenty of parking and the trail is not usually crowded.

Map of the Spruce Mountain Open Space Trails

The photo below is a map of the Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail taken along the path. 

Map of Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail

Spruce Mountain Map at Entrance

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