3 Benefits of Homeschooling When Buying a House

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3 Benefits of Homeschooling While Searching For A House

As a Realtor in Colorado Springs, I often meet families who homeschool their kids and are looking for a new place to live. Each time I work with these families, I am reminded of their differences from those who prefer public schools.

My wife and I currently homeschool our daughters and have for many years. We've had success homeschooling and will continue for many more years to come. Homeschooling is not for everyone, but it has worked out well for us.

Here are the three main benefits that homeschooling families enjoy while they are searching for a new house.

#1 Point Moving Isn't As Hard on the Family

When I was a child, my family moved from Washington to Idaho, then to Georgia, and finally to Texas, all within a 7-year span. I was in public school and had a hard time starting over in a new school every couple of years.

homeschool family movingThe hardest part about moving was changing schools. I always missed my friends from previous schools, and I had difficulty understanding each state's social differences. I learned to observe and adapt to the differences in each school, but it wasn't easy.

My wife and I have moved our family around quite a bit since we have been married, and our kids do not seem to mind. In fact, most of the time, they get excited. They do not have to deal with the awkwardness of being the new kid in a school full of people who already know each other.

Some kids adapt to changing schools better than others, but my most introverted daughter would be traumatized if she had to go through this. It takes her a long time to meet people and become friends.

When we move across town, she still gets to see her friends, so there is not much worry about finding new friends. Homeschooling makes it much easier for us to move around town without disturbing our kid's social life.

#2 PointMore Home for the Money

better price per square footMost real estate is priced by location first, and then the details of the home second. Location, location, location. Comparable sold properties around your neighborhood will dictate the price of your home.

Homes in desirable school districts usually have a higher price per square foot than other homes due to the increased demand to live in the area. In Colorado Springs, many families want to be in Academy School District 20, located in the Briargate and Northgate areas. These areas have some of the highest price-per-square-foot in El Paso County. The taxes are higher, as well.

While some great resale benefits come with being in these areas, the amount of home you get for the money is less than in other areas. If the school district is not a factor in your home search criteria, you have more options. These areas are usually more rural, but as you will read in the next point, that is also beneficial for many homeschooling families.

#3 PointDistance From Local Schools is Not as Important

Homeschoolers Not Affected By School ZoningOur family prefers to have some distance between our home and the main city. A large yard is among the top 5 criteria points when we search for a home. This also seems to be a common request from others who are homeschooling.

When your family is at home most of the time, the lot size becomes an important factor in your search criteria. Many homes with large yards are out in the country. This works out well for us because we can usually find more square footage for the money when we venture out of the city limits.

In El Paso County, Peyton, Monument, and Fountain are a little farther out, and their average price per square foot is lower than other suburbs in Colorado Springs. The lot sizes are larger as well. These areas are farther from schools and shopping, which helps keep the prices lower.

Having the ability to live further from town without having school zoning issues is my favorite benefit of homeschooling.

Homeschooling is a unique journey that my family has benefitted greatly from. We put much time and energy into it. As our kids are growing every year, I am grateful for the time that we have been able to have them at home. It's allowed us more freedom to move around with fewer restrictions. If you have a homeschooling family and need help buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs, please contact us anytime. We'd love to hear from you. ?

3 Benefits of Homeschooling While Searching For A House

Andrew Fortune

Hi! I'm Andrew Fortune, the founder of Great Colorado Homes and the creator of this website. I'm also a Realtor in Colorado Springs. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I appreciate your time spent on this site and am always open to suggestions and ideas from our readers. You can all my contact info here. I'd love to hear from you.

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