The 5 Most Historic Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

The 5 Most Historic Homes in Colorado Springs

It's hard to resist the charm of a well-maintained historic neighborhood. The unique architecture of historic homes will capture your imagination as you drive through these neighborhoods. The mature trees and landscaping offer an attractive alternative to the newly planted vegetation of newer communities. 

Living in a historic home can come with its challenges, but the benefits typically outweigh the struggles. The historic neighborhoods in this article are located in some of the fastest appreciating areas in the entire city. The demand is high for these properties.

To determine the most historic neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, we searched for the communities with the oldest homes within our MLS. We then organized the results below. These neighborhoods resonate with the charm of days past and are deeply woven into the fabric of Colorado Springs.


Average Year Built: 1904

Old North End in Colorado SpringsThe Old North End is right in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. This area is unlike any other part of town, with turn-of-the-century charm everywhere you look. The streets are extra-wide because they were established back in the horse and buggy days. The Victorian architecture of many of the oldest homes draws tourists from all over the country.

The Old North End is also one of the most expensive parts of town, as these one-of-a-kind homes become more popular every decade.

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Average Year Built: 1909

Old Colorado City Neighborhood in Colorado SpringsOld Colorado City has small-town charm, rich history, and a unique personality, attracting plenty of tourists. Colorado Avenue is the main road running right through this neighborhood, which is affectionately referred to as "OCC" by the locals. There are special events here every weekend throughout the Summer. The homes tend to be older and small, but recent home buyers have been remodeling and changing the landscape of this area.

Old Colorado City has been transforming for years now. It's been fun to watch!

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Average Year Built: 1924

Broadmoor Neighborhood in Colorado SpringsTechnically, Broadmoor is known as a large area at the base of Cheyenne Mountain, but the old part of Broadmoor is its own unique neighborhood. This part of Colorado Springs has a history like no other. The Broadmoor Hotel is just one example. Tourists from all over the country admire the historic Victorian mansions in this area.

Old Broadmoor is located right next to Seven Falls and Helen Hunt Falls, at the foot of the mountains, making it a Colorado treasure.

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Average Year Built: 1955

Skyway Park Neighborhood in Colorado SpringsSkyway Park is a hidden gem that many people in Colorado Springs do not even know about. The homes were built in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Driving through this neighborhood instantly transports you back in time to a younger Colorado Springs. The winding roads running through the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain calm the soul.

Skyway Park sits adjacent to Bear Creek Regional Park, which is one of the best parks on the West side of town. The Bear Creek Dog Park is the best dog park in the city.

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Average Year Built: 1956

Manitou Springs Neighborhood in Colorado SpringsManitou Springs is unique. It is located right at the foot of the Manitou Incline and is surrounded by mountains. It's the top destination for almost all those who travel to Colorado Springs. Manitou Springs is technically a city, but to Realtors, it is its own neighborhood. The charm of this community is off the charts. Fountain Creek runs right through the center of town, adding the calming sound of flowing water throughout the day.

Manitou Springs is admired as one of the most unique neighborhoods in the Pike's Peak region.

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The 5 Most Historic Homes in Colorado Springs

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